The Rewiring Tinnitus Relief Project (Free Sample)

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The Tinnitus Relief Project is a collection of brainwave entrainment audio tracks engineered to enable you habituate to the sound of your tinnitus.

All of the tracks are designed to enhance the techniques found within the Rewiring Tinnitus book.

This sampler features 8 of the 49 tracks featured on the Full Tinnitus Relief Project:

5 Sound Masking Tracks

1 Guided Brainwave Training Meditation (with white noise)

1 Brainwave Training Meditation (with music)

1 Brainwave Training Relaxation Track


Do not listen if you have epilepsy, are prone to having seizures, are pregnant, have a pace maker, or are under the age of 18. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to the Tinnitus Relief Project.

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By downloading the Tinnitus Relief Project you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the full disclaimer.

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The Rewiring Tinnitus Relief Project (Free Sample)

23 ratings
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